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^^ I went with the same ordeal. I have the mono keepall 50 with strap and I soooo wanted it on ebene but 50 does not come with one. I had the SA showed me the 45 and 55 and I went with 55. No regrets so far, I just don't fill it up too much. As for the strap... "it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it". louis vuitton

,hanks everyone!Antonia: Does the Palermo PM slouch when full? I'm not sure. I don't think so. It's pretty much the same height when full. I've also place two pieces of cardboard from the LV box inside the purse to make the bottom a bit more sturdier since the bottom is mono.ck21:I have a mono long adjustable strap that I use with my Deauville, so I louis vuitton bags,

love fresh new azur speedies! congrats louis vuitton monogram

,PM is perfect for you! lv vuitton,Never. :) Saves me the trouble of having to keep my word. lv bags,

Congratulations! gucci ii


I have two Mahinas, Poudre and Coquille and I absolutely love them. I just wish the Mahina wasn't so expensive because I would love to add the Mahina Noir XL to my collection. I guess sometimes you just have to accept and be happy with good enough is good enough.

return wallet, get the Artsy. To me, wallets aren't visible much at all, but bags are! bag wins lol

Thanks LV peeps! I love it too. I have the Manhattan GM , but never carry it . Im bad. I think this is a great s/s bag. Im going for it. I have only seen the MM and GM in person. I hope the pm is a great size. It looks so cute and fem. The pic posted the girl looked great!!!! louis vuitton handbag


I just bought the Menilmontant PM today and really love it. It is such a carefree bag. It's like a messenger but with a feminine flair. I'd say keep your MM and double up the strap if you need to. louis vuitton store


Congrats! I have it in fusain too.. Goes so well with everythinggg! louis vuitton bags


Congrats ,, very nice louis vuitton bags

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